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6 categories of Student that might fail POST-UTME this year

Following the lift of the ban placed on Post-Utme,I've decided to compile the list of certain students who might find it hard to pass the forthcoming Post-Utme Exam

1.The expo (cheat) masters : these are the ones who look for expo instead of using their limited time to read, they browse through different websites to achieve their aim,They also pay huge amount to write exams in miracle centres,. Having scaled through utme and waec they've relaxed and started hoping firy admission that might not be coming years time.

2. Unserious ones : these are the ones who will neither read nor go to lesson..they are always busy whenever it comes to reading...They've failed to learn from their past experiences.

3. The followers: these ones can't decide themselves, they chose their course because their friends chose the same, not minding their weakest in certain subjects.

4. The late comers ; these are the people that arrive at the centre of the exam minutes/hours after the exam has started. Some schools are strict when it comes to P.utme, certain time limit has been given to supervisors to allow students sit for the exam. 

Don't Fall Victim of this please!!

5. The ITKs ( I too know) ; the people in this category might have read, did the right things, but their only problem is, they find it hard to read the instruction(s) attached to questions. Eventually, they take synonyms for antonyms, demand for supply. E.t.c.

6. The slow Genius; I tag this set of prople "people" the slow genius. Yes, they're brilliant but find it difficult to give solutions to questions within stipulated time(mostly science students) The maximum time a school can award for a P.utme exam is 1hr 30mins. If you fall in this category, work on your speed before the D_day.

In conclusion, your UTME score can't determine yoyr Post-Utme score. Hardwork does. Don't let the reality dawn on you after seeing your result. Time and Tide wait for no man. Don't waste another 365days at home.

Dosmay Cares✔