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UHMMMMM, its a bright morning in the land of "LAMADE KINGDOM". it could be perceived by the beating of drums and general habits to singers to start singings. This means the King is awake "hale and healthy". It was a great morning indeed the king's last son Prince Adepoju is going for his youth Service. Everyone was happy and was celebrating a send forth for him. It was indeed another great morning in"TOMOLO KINGDOM" the king's only princess Sade was going for her youth service after graduating from the kingdom best university. King Adetunde called his royal friend king Adewande of lamade kingdom to greet him good mornin. It was a beautiful morning for boths crowns indeed. King Adetunde: Good morning my dear Royal friend of the lamade kingdom King Adewande:Good morning to the indispensable King of Tomolo kingdom. How are you,wives &children king Adetunde: well we are doing well here and i hope so for you over there king Adewande:Abi o. Thank you jawe my dear friend. King Adetunde:hmmmm, my friend, i have got only 12months to stay alive and have been worried all while about my young self King Adewande: Tunde worryless the gods are with you. Try and call upon the "ifa messenger" maybe you still have a chance probably more years to ur age King Adetunde: Thanks friend, i have sent for him, i pray the gods will be merciful this time around. (greets each other goodbye & ended up the call) DAY2@TOMOLO KINGDOM. Ifa messenger: Your highness i greet you. King adetunde: ehn ifa tobi. Keep the greetings let me go straight to my point. Ifa messenger: your highness am all ears King Adetunde: As you know that my days are numbered in this kingdom. I have only 12months(1 year)left I want you to do all your possible best to expand the day for me ifa tobi. Ifa messenger:Your highness i have consulted the oracle about this before you sent for me and it was revealed to me that you only need to offer a sacrifice and 20more years will be added King Adetunde: (shocked) ehn 20 more years?? And you didnt tell me this ifa messenger: your highness its not what you think. King Adetunde: Then whats it? Ifa messenger:The gods are demanding for the princess of Lamade kingdom as sacrifice King Adetunde: (shocked) PRINCESS???? LAMADE KINGDOM??? THANKS FOR READING D.S.C EPISODE ONE. COMING SOON IS EPISODE TWO(2) STILL ON THIS SAME BLOG (AFRISPOT.BLOGSPOT.COM) WRITTEN BY DOSMAY. Forward all your complaints,suggestion to 08141236114 or message us on whatsapp for more stories